The ready reckoner is the score of the Jacquard cardboard driller.


The embroiderers give the part in thickness of the patterns.


The channels and trolleys are the back of the lace.


The carving is necessary when the embroiderers leap a pattern to another, when a thread drawls on the lapel of the lace.


The droppers, which have the head owning a width definited, fix the length of the movement of stalk rods. Gliding in the punched hole of cardboard, they lead all the Jacquard system.


The flaking is useful to make appearing little loops which are named picots placed on the brink of the lace.


The fraying consists in separating the pieces ol lace.


The guimpes are the parts of the under thickness of patterns.


Jacquard system is essential to the Leavers loom, it’s thanks to it that the lace is done by its system of cardboard punched.


The motion is the movement unit of Leavers loom, and corresponds to a back and force of the trolleys.


A piece of lace finished measures 11 meters (12 yards) and it cuts at 11.50 meters.


A rack corresponds to 1920 motions. It’s a base unit of payment for tullist which varies according to the loom about 4 to 6 racks per hour.


The visit is a meticulous expection of the lace.

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